"Leading businesses worldwide trust our robust testing processes, specialized tools, and consulting expertise to enhance testing efficiency and precision, reduce costs and decrease cycle times."

Expertise on both the business and technical sides of testing has enabled us to create innovative approaches that deliver accelerated results. We use an established testing methodology and employ a wide range of industry-standard testing tools that leverage established methodologies to provide your organization with superior software quality, enhanced business readiness and real competitive advantage.

We work hard to encourage a spirit of innovation in all of our testing professionals and to share continually what we learn with customers.

The scope of Vulcanz' testing offerings spans from strategic to tactical. Our specific services include:

  • Testing Strategy & Assessment: Assists clients with end-to-end testing and quality assessment process, from planning through final recommendations.

  • Testing Automation: A robust set of tools and assets to consistently support the entire spectrum of automation-related testing activities.

  • Performance Testing: A wide range of strategic and tactical performance test services.

  • Testing Center of Excellence:We implement and operate a “Testing Center of Excellence” for clients, either at the enterprise level or within specific business units.